Speaker/Musician Comments


Since 2009, we have hosted over 50 events. Here are some comments from our guest speakers and mucisians who have performed at the Upper Room.

"The Upper Room is a relaxed yet exciting place to take a friend who needs to hear the Gospel, be encouraged, or just sense the Love of God. I had a blast there and look forward to coming back! In a tight economy where limited funds and solid stewardship is critical. The Upper Room ministry is a wise investment for great eternal dividends"


For His Glory,


Victor Marx


All Things Possible Ministries




 "Recently I had the honor and privilege to speak at the "Upper Room." It was very encouraging. Ron Strand and his friends have innovated a unique experience. The "Upper Room" is a venue where God's truth and His Gospel are presented in a powerful and yet relaxed atmosphere. A fine meal is shared followed by a blend of music and spoken word in a manner that is palatable to non-believers. The ambience supports an atmosphere where all fell welcome. Yet, the Gospel is undiluted and clear. The "Upper Room" may be just the right place to invite that friend or colleague who you want to expose to the Gospel but is not quite up for church."


Robert Vernon

LAPD Assistant Chief of Police (Retired)

Founder, Point Man Leadership




"Having the chance to share warm Christian fellowship at the Upper Room was like a cold spiritual drink on a hot summer day! What a treat to be welcomed in among such sincere believers, get to worship the Lord together from our hearts, and then try to more deeply understand how the Bible confronts some of the real issues that surround us. I look forward to hopefully returning very soon!"


David Rothbard


Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)

Washington, DC




"To Ron Strand and friends at The Upper Room -

I had a great time playing at The Upper Room. You have a terrific venue with a nice intimate coffee house feel for Christian artists to perform. Special thanks to Ron for taking such good care of us! It was nice to be back in the Orange County area again with all of you good folks and I look forward to playing at The Upper Room again in the future."

Blessings to All,


Phil Keaggy




“Ron Strand has taken on the Herculean task of presenting Christian-oriented music, comedy, and lectures in Orange County. Unless your name is Michael W. Something-or-Other there's not much concert activity going on around these parts ... certainly singer-songwriters are completely MIA in church. I'm one of 'em and I can tell you stories. It can take a significant raiding of your piggy bank to get the job done when it comes to concerts these days. The Upper Room trusts you to appreciate their efforts and ask that you donate generously as you're able. Check out the Upper Room web site for info about both past and upcoming shows. Sign up for their Mailing List. In short, support them!”


Bob Bennett

Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist




“The Upper Room is filling a huge need in Southern CA - namely, it provides clean, wholesome entertainment. There is no place to go for the average Christian who just wants to spend a fun, relaxing night out without needing to take a shower afterward. Music, comedy, great atmosphere; what more could you want? My only problem is that the Upper Room isn't open 24-7 (But I think that might just kill Ron).”


Robert G. Lee





“These days at 76 years old, family reunions come few and far between, but when I walked through the door into the Upper Room, it was exactly that - a family reunion! Men, women of all ages, sizes, shapes and colors, my family and yours."


Barry McGuire

Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist




 “We have been on the road for 10 years in outreach ministry and one of the great things about our travels is that there are always special venue highlights. The Upper Room is one of those. God is in charge at all times in the Upper Room and the servants there are willing and obedient in making sure every aspect of the event is to His Glory. Special kudos to Ron and Kathy Strand for their generosity and commitment to such a worthy mission.”


Ken Mansfield

The Beatles The Bible and Beyond




“One of my favorite ‘new’ places to play in Southern California is the Upper Room. My band and I have had some amazing times there with a great audience and awesome staff. This is a cool venue where I can minister freely from my heart. I’ve been so blessed to play there in a room full people who love Jesus and gospel blues.”


Darrell Mansfield

Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist




"I found the Upper Room Coffee House in Mission Viejo to be an anomaly of sorts. It is not really a coffee house per se. It is not a church space set up with coolness to attract the youth of Orange County. The closest I can come to describing it is a warm, woody, charming, cutting edge decorated room with a stage, good sound system, chairs, a garage door, coffee and treats. It has a remarkable feeling of the presence of God within no matter who or what is happening for the night.This is due to the fact that Ron and Kathy Strand and all the saints involved with the Upper Room see it as a ministry; a way to reach people's hearts. It is something that took much prayer, thought, brainstorming, etc to create. And it continues to be run by faith. It takes a lot of money to keep a venue like this going, and I know that Ron and Kathy and Co. are on their knees everyday for their special nights at the Upper Room. So come, drink, taste and see! The LORD is here."


Oden Fong


"Ron and Kathy Strand's vision for a coffee house ministry has surpassed even the loftiest of expectations. With the Upper Room, they have created an oasis of spiritual refreshment fo the dry and weary soul. It was a delight to see how lives came together in true community and oneness of purpose to break bread and experience koinonia as it should be. I can't think of a more unique platform to share music and the message of hope."


Brian Gentry

Nashville Recording Artist




"Some of you remember the glory days of the Jesus Movement and the impact of coffee house ministry. I personally miss this vital non-threatening avenue of ministry, and the Upper Room really brings it back, in a modern intimate setting. I had so much fun ministering there recently, and am very excited about the amazing guests Ron has booked, and the future of this wonderful venue. I encourage everyone to spend a wonderful evening with like-minded friends as soon as you can. A real treat!"


Chuck Girard

Legendary Recording Artist

Founding Member of 'Love Song'




"I love the uniqueness and the intimate environment The Upper Room provides. It is a refreshing evening of fellowship with like-minded people. I can't wait for the next event."



Robert Tyler

President, Advocates for Faith & Freedom

Murietta, California




"God has raised up the Upper Room to be a place where people can come and encounter Jesus in new and creative way. It is a powerful picture of what happens when a group of people extend the reach of the church into the market place. It has been amazing for me to watch what happens when Jesus people get on the move and do something instead of just taking about it. I had the privilege of speaking at the first one, and can't wait to see how God uses Ron and his team in the future. If you want a compelling place to bring your friends to encounter God the Upper Room could that place for you!"


Ed McGlasson

Former NFL & President of ETM Ministries




"The Upper Room is a great place that the Church can really utilize for the people who aren't ready (and may not ever want) a "church" experience. They are amazing hosts for all their guests and really pull out all the stops from great food, friendly atmosphere, and solid onstage performers."


Paul Dabdoub

Youth Pastor & National Speaker




"When I appeared at The Upper Room earlier this year I began to meet some of the staff and volunteers, and was impressed with the genuineness and sincerity of these servants of The Lord. There is no mistaking the object of the existence of this unique venue...They want to lift up The Lord Jesus by loving people with His Love and presenting to them The Gospel in very interesting and entertaining ways. I was thankful that they had "remembered" me and invited me to come and sing. The whole evening was warm and welcoming and hopefully glorifying to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am looking forward to coming back to The Upper Room this coming August (2013).

I praise The Lord for Ron and Kathy Strand and their tender hearts towards The Lord, and their response to His vision for this ministry. May God bless them, and may God bless you!!!"


Kelly Willard

Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist




"I had a great time performing at The Upper Room!The room was sold out and the warmth and close connection to my fans reminded me of the old days in comedy clubs! Ron Strand and his assistant Kira did a marvelous job promoting this and insuring this was a 1st class event.I recommend The Upper Room to any Christian performer wanting to work in South Orange County. I look forward to a return engagement soon."



Brad Stine

"God's Comic"




"After 43 years of non-stop touring, and playing nearly every conceivable venue, from 1.3 million men on the Mall in Washington D.C., to a table of one in a kitchen, I thank God forvenues like The Upper Room. Living and serving in this present world of "one and done" special music church song, it's so refreshing to have "room" to play my music for a couple of hours in an intimate setting. Speaking of refreshing ..... Ron, Kathy, and their staff might as well be angels.... they ministered to my needs with passion and genuine agape love. I hope I get invited back next March."


Paul Clark

Singer, Songwriter & Recording Artist 




"Just a quick shout… thanks for having us in this past Saturday at the Upper Room. Tremendous night!! You guys are so gracious and the hospitality was awesome!! We would love to come back any time.

In Christ's Love,"


Walter Aguas

Two Or More






It's a privilege to call you a friend and brother in Christ! I have enjoyed and been very blessed playing in LoveSong

at the 'Upper Room"! It has always been a great atmosphere for music and worship. Keep up the good work and

please have us back soon."


Love in Jesus,

Jay Truax




"Dear Upper Room team,

I wanted to take the time to thank you…

It was such a joy to be at the Upper Room

and watch precious souls get fresh wind blown into the sails of their hearts.  In 

presenting concerts like these across this nation—I​ am amazed at the great need there truly is for the comfort, peace, hope and love that our weary hearts long for. I wanted to once again,​ thank you for participating in allowing me to bring His powerful music and message to your community. Pray for me as I will you—that we will continue in such a time as this--to be His light--making a mark on the eternity of others."



Kathy Troccoli



"If your heart aches for genuine fellowship with other Christians - if you're tired of going to a huge church, sitting beside strangers and when the service is over, leaving the building without meeting another soul - if you long for the "good old days" of praying for one another, bearing one another's burdens and having a really great time on a Saturday night - see you at The Upper Room. Pam and I just-plain love it."


Warren Duffy

Veteran Radio Broadcaster

Duffy & Company

Huntington Beach, California




"Wow - I absolutely love the vision and freshness of The Upper Room ministry you guys have developed. To me the concept really semms to have the fingerprints of Jesus all over it."


Pastor Jon Courson

Applegate Christian Fellowship

Searchlight Radio Ministry

Jacksonville, Oregon




Dear Ron - "I am really happy that everything went so well. I agree, Brian Gentry is an excellent musician and Ambassador for Christ. I think that God has been preparing Brian for many years to use him and I think I mentioned his job as a counselor at the Salvation Army came to an abrupt end due to the massive floods in Nashville, when their headquarters were destroyed. Thanks for letting me know how well it all turned out and Bless you for having him and Melissa out there and for opening your home to them as well."



Dan Peek

Former member of the rock group America




"The Upper Room is one of the coolest places I have played. Ron and 'The Upper Room Dudes' are a great bunch of guys (there are also several very gracious ladies) who have created a place where people can gather for entertainment that's family oriented, fun and spiritually uplifting. There's a club-like atmosphere without the negative stuff that is often found at night clubs. Whether it's a concert, an author talking first-hand about their latest book, or a comedian bringing laughs without offensive language, The Upper Room is perfect place for an evening of classy entertainment."


Danny Daniels




"Putting the word "Christian" in front of the performing arts - "Christian Singer" or "Christian Comedian", for example - usually means seeing that entertainment in a church. The Upper Room offers something unique: the blending of top talent and brilliant performances in a setting that is more mainstream. For the local community, it's an introduction to entertainment they might not feel comfortable seeing in a church setting. For local Christians, its a real chance to "get out and let their hair down," while enjoying live performance in a non-church setting. Its a great venue (not a bad seat in the house) and its true outreach."


Taylor Mason

Comedian & Ventriloquist




"It's a really cool place to just hang at with some like minded folks. I had much fun being there."


Michael Jr.





"Hey Guys,Just wanted to thank you, Ron and our extended family there at the Upper Room for having us in to share our gift of song. It was a "GREAT" night! As always your warm hospitality was very much appreciated... We love you guys and we look forward to coming out again sometime.

In Christ's Love,"


Walter Aguas

Two Or More





"Love The Upper Room. Love the Strands. Love their flock of coffee-drinking believers. Would love to play there again. And again."


Bob Wall





"Ron Strand and his team at The Upper Room are providing a rare opportunity for artists and communicators to connect with an audience in an intimate setting. They do it right at all levels -from how they treat people and how they deal with details. It's easy to see that "God is in the mix!"


Tommy Coomes





"There's a gem of a place to play in Mission Viejo..."The Upper Room" is just about perfect! Of all the venues we've played in Southern California, The Upper Room is our favorite. It's intimate yet substantial (seats about 350)and the sound is so good. It's "concert" quality every time. Big and full and wonderful! There is a professionalism that's dipped in "warmth" that is so rare there. Ron Strand (proprietor) is a gentle soul but very savvy with his bookings and a true pleasure to work with...Emiko and I are thrilled every time we are asked to perform at the Upper Room and look forward to many shows there in the future..."


Tom Kell & Emiko Woods





"My experiences at Upper Room, both in the audience and on stage, have become a real treasure. It is a warm & homey atmosphere and the Presence of the Lord is always so tangible. Ron and his crew are committed to providing an oasis moment for people in a very funky but comfortable setting. Great times! Great guests! Thanks, Ron!"


Terry Clark





“My night at Upper Room was far greater than I anticipated, one of the best spent effective hours the entire year. I would jump at the opportunity to do it again. “


Josh McDowell



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